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Welcome to Green・Tech・Fusion Consulting

GreenTechFusion is a TX based Renewable Energy & Sustainability Consulting company primarily located in the TX Hill Country during the Winter months Nov-May and RI during the Summer months Jun-Nov. We help the DIYer that install their own hardware and we consult at the beginning and the end of project. We live and lead by example and are here to empower individuals and business of all sizes to invest in renewable energy systems and sustainable practices in order to lower their utility bills and become more self reliant. We help customers sift through all the hype and green washing in the industry for real solutions to lower your personal carbon footprint as well as live a long sustainable life.
IMPORTANT INFO ON FED TAX CREDIT: The Federal solar/battery incentives that allows you to claim a 26% tax credit after installing your photovoltaic (PV)/Battery system. If you have a tax liability this year, you can reduce it by 26% of the cost of your Solar PV System. So if your solar system cost $21,000, you could reduce your tax liability by $5,460!
What If I Don’t Have Any Tax Liability This Year? What happens if you go solar today, but you don’t owe any money to the government? No problem. The solar investment tax credit can be used at any time within the first 5 years of installing your system. So if you have no taxable income this year, you can save it for later. However your system must be installed by December 31st 2024 to claim a credit.
Click here to find out more information on Fed Tax Credit,

Pricing Matrix/Costs

what we do

Contact us if you need help with a DIY Grid Tie solar or wind install and for hardware purchases of solar, wind and battery backup/Off Grid products. See the Fees page for pricing on consultations and project installs then Call 888.642.0226.
Solar Roof Shingles

Solar PV Roof - Photo Voltaic Energy Generation

Welcome to Tesla Solar and new Solar Roof. Click here to sign up for info!!

Solar Electric

Solar PV - Photo Voltaic Energy Generation

Clean, green and non polluting of CO2 gasses into the air or water. Sustainable and free energy for life after systems are purchased.

tesla Powerwall

Battery Backup Systems - Lithium Battery Storage

Find out about the new Tesla Powerwall 2 - 13.5 kWh Lithuim battery backup and night offsetting. Click here to find out more!

Managing Finite Resources

The use of renewable materials that have been harvested using practices that reduce environmental impact.

Rain Capture

Rain water harvesting is becoming needed more and more as droughts hit much of the US and world. Collect rain water for your home use or for your garden and setup filtration and UV system for drinking water.

Wind Energy

The best wind power systems for your area. Contact us first for site analysis.

Living Green & Eco Friendly

Buying sustainable materials and products, you'll send a message to manufacturers, asking them to protect our natural resources for the benefit of your children and for children yet to come.

Energy Efficiency

Make your home or business energy efficient before getting solar.

Contact today for a low cost Energy Audit to see where we can help you focus on building and energy efficiencies.

Solar Thermal Hot Water

Solar hot water for home or business.

Solar hot water systems can augment your existing electric or gas water heater whether it is a tank based system or tankless on demand with a pre heating tank..

responsable Manufacturing

Harvesting and manufacturing products must also be sustainable, which means it must not cause irreparable damage to the surrounding area/ecosystem or pollute air or water

Mobile & Emergency Solar

Mobile Solar Generators from smaller 300 Watt solar and 1500 Watt inverter to larger trailer size with up to 4000 Watt solar and 12,000 Watt Inverters.

Noise free and pollution free solar/wind hybrid generators for emergencies and power outages to natural disasters and off grid cabins.

Gain energy independence

Solar and wind power is the cheapest and easiest technologies to implement for your home or business .

What’s new

Contact us now to get the latest pricing on solar panels by the pallet or shipping container.
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Plug into the sun!

Disconnect from dirty fossil fuels and into clean renewable energy!

Over 105,000 Watts installed and 505,000 Watts Sold!!

Solar energy is free energy from the sun!

Energy independence

We recomend renewable energy to tackle some of the world's biggest problems head on – Water, food & air pollution. We need trailblazers to lead the clean energy revolution. Make a difference and become energy independent!

pricing matrix & design

We are here to help customers customize and build technical solutions and sustainable living practices. Our online stores (Amazon Affiliate) with hand picked products are here for your convenience and allows us to create custom quotes for your project and allow you to find solutions on your own. Some quotes may have equipment or recommendations outside this site and system diagrams/schematics which require a $150-250 Consulting fee. Our initial customer meeting is free within 10 miles of TX 78029 or RI 02871

Tesla Solar Roof/Solar PV Panels & Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Systems

One 13.5 kWh Powerwall battery
Installation and supporting hardware starts at $10,500
Total cost excludes sales tax, permitting, fees, and solar power system
Installations began in January 2017 for USA 

GreenTechFusion also builds custom DIY Powerwalls for customers with reclaimed electric vehicle batteries and custom BMS systems. Contact us today to see which battery fits your needs, either Tesla modules, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and more as they become available.

Cost of solar shingles estimated to cost less than replacing roof (if damaged by hail or age) and buying solar/installation roof mounting separately

Cost of Tesla Powerwall 2 about $10,500

Solar Panel Pricing
  • Current GreenTechFusion per watt pricing is $.80 per watt and under + Tax
  • Grade A = $.80 per Watt, Grade B = Under $.70 per Watt, Grade C = Under $.60 per Watt.
  • Cost for shipping to TX - Pallet of 21-23 panels

$.80 per watt for panels 250 Watt - 300 Watt 

$600 shipping

Energy Audits
  • Basic: 2-3 hr overall home coverage $150
    - Covers trip charge within 60 miles from 78028 or 02871
    - Initial Consultation
    - We go over your electric bill high usage months and explain kWh and Watts
    - We gather watts, amps and voltages of high usage appliances throughout property
    - Printout of Solar sizing and 3rd party cost of installation based on bill analysis vs GreenTechFusion Consulting

Extensive: 1 day overall home coverage, 1 week monitoring $250
- Same as above plus these items
- Individual circuit draw analysis
- 1 week electronic monitoring of all usage and report
- Checking for leaks, examining insulation, inspecting the furnace and ductwork, performing a blower door test and using an infrared camera
- Analysis of other areas of efficiency such as water usage and solutions, grey water and waste water management, home efficiency improvements, lighting, heating and cooling, green build techniques, Off Grid analysis
- If customer located outside of coverage area, trip charge will apply of $1 per mile

$250-325.00 Consulting Fee – Business Client – Open For Barter

$150-250.00 Consulting Fee – Residential Client – Open For Barter

Initial Consulting/Design Fee

  • Site Survey to determine customers existing power systems
    and wiring for solar integration (does not include travel costs)
  • - Includes staging setup of small system (does not include travel costs)
    - Includes basic/overview schematic layout of equipment and connections
  • - Includes 2 support phone calls
  • - Includes 2 months email support

$225.00 Consulting Fee – Business Client – Open For Barter

$150..00 Consulting Fee – Residential Client – Open For Barter

Utility Interconnect Application & Diagrams

  • This service fee is for customers that want to sell excess Renewable Energy (solar, wind, hydro, ect..) or Distributed Energy (propane, gas, or diesel generator) back to the local utility company that has a Feed In Tariff program or Distributed Energy/Solar Interconnect program where they buy back from $.03-$.09 per Kwh from the customer.
  • We fill out the paperwork and draw appropriate diagrams for wiring and equipment location for the customer to submit. For roof installations, customer is responsible for local permits and costs associated.
We do not do Interconnection with utilities as of Jan 2023

Hourly/Installation Fee

Labor and custom building of solar ground mounts, solar pole mounts or solar trackers and other projects requiring our labor. Custom backup or Peak Energy Offset battery systems and wiring, safety equipment installation

$150 per hr – Open For Barter on Labor Only

Delivery or Trip Charge

$2.00 per mile from 78028 in TX and 02871 RI

Contact us today for a low cost energy audit and site analysis. Let our company bring the power of the sun to you