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John P Matznick is a Veteran of the US Air Force & DeVry Graduate with over 25 years in the IT/Telecom Management sector and currently consults with residential, small business and mobile customers on integrating renewable energy and solar energy systems into their daily lives. We offer solutions in energy independence like solar, water purification, wind power, micro hydro and other technologies outside the box.
With my 16 years of Property Management and property rehabs using tankless hot water heaters, Low E windows, radiant barrier, recycled/up-cycled materials, and rain water capture to name a few, we can consult with you on your new eco home build or rehab your existing home or business for energy efficiency. Living sustainable and eco friendly is a big part of what we educate customers on as well throughout the process since we live eco conscience and sustainable. Electricity is not going to get cheaper. Utility companies are not going to get any easier to deal with are are making it even more difficult to connect solar. Renewable energy and solar allows you to make your own power by your own rules.

Contact us today and take the first step towards energy independence without fossil fuels or external political shifts that are out of your control.

Our Stance On Climate Change:

Arguing over climate change is a distraction. It keeps us fighting about whether it's true or made up rather than addressing the real issue. If we set climate change aside, the real issue is that our soil, water, air and food are all contaminated with man made chemicals. We have made a mess of our home and environment. Corporations and the fossil fuel industry have no respect for the earth we live on and do not work in harmony with it. Greed and disregard for life are causing us to destroy our planet whether by climate change and/or contamination. Solar energy and renewable forms of energy are American security as well as personal security for you families health and well being.

Energy generated from natural resources

Renewable Energy does not does not pollute unlike fossil fuels and does not have dangerous waste like nuclear energy systems as they are now. Renewable Energy such as solar, wind, hydro power, wave energy and other new tech is an inexhaustible supply unlike fossil fuels which is finite.


We are a small consulting group with extensive background in technology, financial independence, energy independence and sustainable living practices. With 25-30+ years each in their respective fields, Cheri and John have the expertise needed to make your solar energy projects come to fruition.

John P Matznick, Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Consultant

Cheri Shine, Healthy Living & Debt Free Living Consultant

The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.

Ralph Nadar

American political activist, as well as an author, lecturer, and attorney

We are here to help you in your renewable energy and sustainability goals.

We specialize in renewable energy systems like solar electric, wind power, solar hot water and micro hydro. Sustainability consist of using the earths resources in a responsible manner so as not deplete them for current and future generations. It can also incorporate individual responsibility for personal use of resources such as food water, energy and shelter. We help customers with all aspects of sustainable living such as Organic food production, rain water capture and filtration, waste and compost management, personal renewable energy production and energy efficient home building. .