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Find the main components for your solar or wind power project. Contact GreenTechFusion for current solar panel pricing for 21 panels or more.
solar panels

Solar Electric - Photovoltaic Panels

Grid Tied Solar Inverters

High power Grid Tie Solar Inverters

Connects solar system to home/business utility panel and syncs 120v/240v AC to Grid.

Off Grid Solar Inverters

High Power Off Grid Solar Inverters

Connects to large battery bank to supply 120v AC to eletrical panel.

Point Of Use Inverters

Low Power Point Of Use Inverters

Point Of Use are also Off Grid Inverters and are used for smaller applications or mobile use.

Batteries & Energy Storage

Sealed Lead Acid - AGM - Lithium - Deep Cycle

Batteries for various applications from mobile to Off Grid including Lithium for longevity

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers are used for Off Grid or mobile charging of battery banks

Wind Power

Horizontal & Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines & Wind Charge Controllers

Backup Green Power Systems

Large battery backup systems, just add solar and wind

Mobile & Emergency Solar Power Systems

Contact us so we can build your mobile solar power system for your needs

Phasellus porta.

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Let help you become more self reliant and less dependant on the grid and other infrastructures .


Going solar and adding renewable energy to your everyday life has never been easier. With our guidance, you will be able understand completely on how you can go solar.
We heard solar panels are expensive?

The price of solar panels has come down dramatically in the last few years with added efficiency up to 20% on some panels. Solar Grid Tie Inverters have also come down in cost and have also become more efficient as well.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Although the production of solar panels does require some inputs of raw materials and energy, solar power's environmental impact is minimal. The technology produces none of the carbon, methane or particulate emissions that fossil fuels emit, and it doesn't demand large-scale mining or drilling operations. The only input is free photon energy from the sun. Since panel arrays can be placed on rooftops or in isolated desert areas, solar power's physical footprint is manageable as well.

Healthy Financial Incentives

Along with various state agencies, the federal government offers attractive subsidies for private individuals who install solar panels or solar heating devices in their homes. In certain jurisdictions, generous subsidies may be available for businesses as well. Generally speaking, these incentives allow solar power users to claim tax credits in proportion to the amount of generation capacity that they install on their property. This reduces solar power start-up costs and increases the profitability of the technology.

Click here to find out about your State/City Incentives and Rebates if any